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Global Reports

ALLi Global Reports

Self-publishing allows authors to connect with readers in a way that has revolutionised how we can access books, and the relationships we can build. Your home region may be your primary concern, but what about the rest of the world?

ALLi has an unprecedented reach across the globe for writers and our Global Reports ensure authors stay up to date with readers, no matter where they are. Regularly released (with complimentary access for any ALLi member) our Global Reports cover established, emerging and exciting publishing territories, revealing new audiences and opportunities in self-publishing from across the world.

Each report will give you a general overview of the selected territory; facts, figures and insights about reading habits and details on potential partners in the area. Key areas such as distributors, sales figures, pricing issues, translations and rights are covered, alongside analysis on broader cultural trends, social networks and technology. Through research, interviews and case studies, ALLi’s Global Reports give you practical, concise advice, equipping you to venture out and uncover your very own world of readers.

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If you would like to suggest or contribute to a report, please get in contact with us for more information.