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J. Martain, ALLi Author Member

Location: United States
Genres: Fantasy/SciFi/Speculative, Women's Fiction
Skills: Press/Media Interview, Reading/Literary Event, Self-publishing Workshop/Training, Speaking Engagement/Lecture, Writing Workshop

J. Martain is a Wilmington, North Carolina native who spends most of her time questioning the way the universe, and the beings in it, work. This often leads her down some deep, dark "research rabbit holes" until she resurfaces with a new theory and a backstory to explain it.

Her favorite hobbies are all research or work-related (boring!), but she does love to travel, and has a special fondness for megalithic structures that challenge our current understanding of human civilization.

For works-in-progress and updates, visit her website at

J. Martain's books

My Alien Life: A Novelette

A sassy and sweet bit of Southern fiction.
Four chapters of laughs, tears, and everyday strangeness...

"My mother was a no-nonsense woman. If it wasn’t in the Bible or on Jerry Springer, then it couldn’t happen. Of course, there’s a lot of freaky stuff in the Good Book, with ladders to heaven and angels with animal faces and such. And crazy, muckraking talk shows probably aren’t the best yardstick for anything short of how depraved humans can be. But the point is that when she was abducted by aliens and impregnated with me, she had some trouble processing. I’m pretty sure Jerry actually covered that one, but I guess she missed the show that day. TiVo hadn’t been invented yet, ... [read more]

Like Moonlight on Water

When the booming echoes of another reality's tragedy become impossible to ignore, Sal compels Lila to explore her alternate lives for clues—but every life she dreams means waking to powerful new memories of the one man she can’t allow herself to love.

Yet there’s no time for her paltry human drama—not with entire realities at stake, a genius child to protect from meddling aliens, dark energies crowding out her angels…oh, and a clothing store to manage. Because, you know…real life.

But is this her life?

As her bond with this reality—and her child—weakens, her precocious teen lashes out with a psychic ability that even Sal can’t explain. It's just one more secret he ... [read more]

Daughters of Men

Forces stronger than hurricanes are at work in the Cape Fear.

For thirty-one years, Lila has hidden her extrasensory abilities, creating a small life in the same coastal North Carolina city where she was born. But her nightmares have grown worse, her angels still haven’t learned Morse code, and raising a thirteen-year-old genius requires the kind of mental focus that Lila has never quite mastered. Still, the abnormal seems fairly normal—until a strange young man appears and a new friend confides a shocking truth about her pregnancy.

Sal, on the other hand, has never attempted to hide. In his experience, humans do not see what they do not wish to acknowledge. He moves among them, id ... [read more]

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