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ALLi Partner Membership

We provide a comprehensive and trustworthy guide to the global self-publishing services sector through our Partner Membership program. ALLi Partner members agree to a code of standards and are vetted and approved. Become an ALLi Partner here

Who Joins ALLi as a Partner?

ALLi partners include all kinds of companies, individuals and organizations, ranging from global companies like Amazon KDP, Google Play, IngramSpark and Apple Books to individual freelance editors and designers and other author organizations.

All partners, large and small, are vetted and approved, known to provide dedicated service to the self-publishing community. 

Our aim is to connect our author members with the best self-publishing  services available, and we do that in a variety of ways:

  • A searchable Partner Member database in the member zone.
  • Globally available Partner Member directory.
  • Online member forum
  • Sponsorship, advertising and promotion opportunities that support our nonprofit work

Many of the smaller enterprise are run by indie authors, as a supplement to their writing income. If you are an author who also provides a service to other authors, you can join as a partner and have access to full author member benefits also.

How do I apply to be a Partner Member?

After a company or individual signs up as a Partner Member, our watchdog desk begins an assessment process to ensure that the service's approach, customer service, and pricing complies with ALLi's code of standards. Our Watchdog Desk also issues a service reports and rating.

We rely on our own assessment, feedback from ALLi Advisors and the wider author community, internet research, and sometimes mystery shopping to make our evaluations.

Considerations include:

  • Do business practices comply with ALLi’s code of standards?
  • Does the service have connections to businesses that fail to comply or have previously been denied Partner Membership?
  • Are rates appropriate to service level, reach, and reputation?
  • Is the business presentation contemporary, professional, and reflective of the service being offered
  • Are there positive testimonials from credible author clients?

Only services we believe are doing a good job for authors are admitted as Partner Members.

If there are any apparent questions or issues, we get in touch to discuss proposed adjustments to the service. If either party decides, at any point in the assessment process and for whatever reason, that we are not a fit, fees are refunded and membership reversed.

Contact us

Author members: If you have feedback about any ALLi Partner services, or any other self-publishing service, contact us here.

Our watchdog desk relies on intelligence from the author community and reporting your experience, good or bad, can greatly help other authors.

Partner Members: If you wish to discuss any aspect of your membership or service, contact us here.

If you're not yet a partner member and you would like to become an approved service, connect with our thousands of author members, and support our nonprofit: begin the process here.

All communications are strictly confidential.

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