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Top Website for Self-Publishers

As part of our Indie Author Fringe conference, we gather information about the best websites for self-publishing authors.

All shortlisted nominations receive an award badge and one website is chosen by a panel of judges to be the Top Website for Self Publishers.

Our next conference is fringe to Frankfurt Book Fair, where our theme is Running an Author Business. The websites must:

  • Offer an unmissable service, or information/advice, for authors
  • Be indie/self-publishing focused
  • Demonstrate audience engagement
  • Have been around for 2 years+

If you know a website that does a great job for self-publishing authors, you can recommend them here.

Jane Friedman’s Site

Publishing insider Jane Friedman is a go to for practical business advice for indie’s and anyone navigating the rapidly changing world of books. Plenty of free resources and even reading lists on the future of writing, reading and publishing give you a broader picture alongside the more specific posts.

The Book Designer

As anyone will tell you, your cover and editing are two areas where it’s difficult to scrimp on quality. Joel Friedlander’s hugely popular The Book Designer blog looks at cover design, with the monthly cover awards a big hit amongst the readership.

Lateral Action

It’s easy enough to lose creative focus in author-publishing, with the publishing and business aspect sometimes dominating your time to create. Lateral Action is a site to help you balance the creative, with the professional.


Irish based but by no means limited to Ireland, has a wealth of resources any writer can use, particularly if you are starting out or wanting to hone your craft.

Author Marketing Club

Reaching readers is the top of most author’s to-do list, and Author Marketing Club has a wealth of book marketing advice and articles to help you find your audience.

The Passive Voice

Indie and proud, the Passive Voice remains at the forefront of self-publishing news and opinion, offering plenty of stirring articles and thinkpieces from around the web.

Writer Beware

If you are new to self-publishing, we would definitely recommend reading some of the reports from Writer Beware – a necessary and vital guardian for indies, alerting them to scams and the service providers to avoid.

The Literary Consultancy

Indie authors of a more literary bent will find The Literary Consultancy’s website useful and relevant. Mediating the idea of the traditional “literary” aspects of the book with the transformations afforded by digital, The Literary Consultancy offers tips and a great range of podcasts and events on key issues (particularly editorial)

S. R. Johannes

Writing YA? Look no further than S. R. Johannes’ site – a treasure trove of snippets and news which anyone involved in the ever-growing YA genre will find helpful.

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn’s podcasts are a source of fantastic information, tips and interviews with some of the best in the self-publishing business. You can access them via her Creative Penn blog, alongside other insights from Joanna’s hugely successful writing life.

The Fiction Factory

The Fiction Factory is the blog of ALLi Advisor Ben Galley. You’ll find plenty of posts about Ben’s work, alongside links to some of his podcasts and vodcasts sharing his creative process.

Combined Book Exhibit’s Blog

With association reports primarily from America alongside Combined Book Exhibit news and marketing announcements, the Combined Book Exhibit Blog is a fantastic go to for some key facts and figures.

IPR License’s Blog

Thinking about going global? You’re bound to come across the issue of rights. IPR License, which is a platform where you can list and sell your rights, manages to combine the usual news releases with insights from an exciting area in publishing that indies are increasingly beginning to explore.