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When an author sets out to self-publish, he or she can very quickly become overwhelmed by the choices on offer. The self-publishing services sector is, on one hand, exciting, innovative and fast-growing; on the other, idiosyncratic, illogical and incoherent.

Some services are run by people who are knowledgeable, dedicated, helpful and fair; others are clueless, greedy, callous or manipulative. In an unregulated marketplace, where the same service can cost $500 against $15,000, for pretty much the same thing, depending on where you shop; where useless services are sold at inflated prices; where one large operation with many imprints, and controversial practices dominates the information stream and where there’s so much to learn and to do, how do you find your way through? How do you know who to trust?

Our ALLi’s Partner Membership, is our association’s attempt to offer a trustworthy guide to the global author services sector.

Each service listed here has been vetted by our Watchdog team, adhering to ALLi’s Code of Standards. We have also included a range of articles, from our Self-Publishing Advice Centre and blog.

The aim of our partner directory is to connect indie authors with the best author services available, so they can select the perfect services for the particular project they’re currently working on.

Our 2017 directory is brought to you through the work of ALLi Resources Director, Philip Lynch; Watchdog John Doppler; and leading book designer (and Partner Member) Jane Dixon Smith.

The Directory is fed by the scouting activities of our Author Members as well as the ALLi team, including our self-publishing news-hound, Dan Holloway. We also draw on contributions from author activists David Gaughran, Jim Giammatteo, Mick Rooney, editor of The Independent Publishing Magazine and Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware! and all is overseen with aplomb by John Doppler, who heads up ALLi’s Watchdog Desk and whose judgement, logic and savvy reasoning are an invaluable asset to authors.

ALLi is all about working together for each other, so we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Do get in touch.

Partner Member Review Process

JOHN SAYS: “After a company or individual signs up as a Partner Member, our Watchdog desk begins an assessment process, to ensure its approach, customer service and pricing complies with ALLi guidelines.

If there are any questions or issues arising, we get in touch to discuss proposed adjustments to the service.

Should the service fail to satisfy the assessment process, for whatever reason, fees are refunded and membership reversed.

Self-publishing service companies applying to join our alliance are vetted against a range of criteria, including customer service and value for money, and the decision to confirm Partner Membership is based on many factors, depending on the type of service offered.

We rely on our own assessment, feedback from ALLi Advisors and the wider author community, Internet research and sometimes mystery shopping to make our evaluations.

Considerations include:

  • Do business practices comply with the ALLi Code of Standards? (
  • Does the service have connections to businesses that fail to comply or have previously been denied Partner Membership?
  • Are rates appropriate to service level, reach and reputation?
  • Is the business presentation contemporary, professional and reflective of the service being offered. (Editors – is your copy scrupulously edited? Designers – does your website look good and work well?)
  • Are there positive testimonials from credible author clients?
  • Only services we believe are doing a good job for authors are admitted as Partner Members.”

    Author Members

    If you have feedback about any ALLi Partner services, or any other self-publishing service, please email John:
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    Partner Members

    Please contact John here, if you wish to discuss any aspect of your membership.

    All communications, from authors or partner members, are strictly confidential.

Our Watchdog Desk also issues regular reports about services that do not align with ALLi Code of Standards.