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ALLi Watchdog

The ALLi Watchdog Desk upholds our Code of Standards, closely observes the self-publishing industry, issues a ratings guide and warnings about substandard companies. It also oversees ALLi’s Partner Member facility.

John Doppler: ALLi Watchdog
John Doppler: ALLi Watchdog

The Watchdog desk is headed by John Doppler and ALLi Resources Director, Philip Lynch, with input from ALLi members and other vigilant members of the author community, including Jim Giammatteo, Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware!, activist David Gaughran and Mick Rooney, editor of The Independent Publishing Magazine, and other ALLi advisors and, of course, our members.

For advice on choosing a good self-publishing service, see our book, authored by John Doppler and Jim Giammatteo: Choosing the Best Self-Publishing Companies and Services: How To Self-Publish A Book