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ALLi Watchdog

John Doppler
John Doppler
Victoria Strauss
David Vandagriff

The ALLi Watchdog Desk closely observes the self-publishing industry, issues warnings about predatory companies and oversees our Partner Member facility.

The Watchdog desk is headed by Orna Ross and John Doppler and ALLi Resources Director, Philip Lynch, with assistance from ALLi members and other members of the author community, including Jim Giammatteo, Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware!, activist David Gaughran, Mick Rooney, editor of The Independent Publishing Magazine.

For advice on choosing a good self-publishing service, see our book: How To Choose A Self-Publishing Service

We also offer general advice on publishing contracts and rights licensing

Our contract recommendations are commonsense observations from a pro-author standpoint, drawing on our members’ experiences, pro-bono contributions from legal advisors Helen Sedwick and David A Vandigriff and Orna Ross‘s previous experience as a literary agent. Our book How Authors Sell Publishing Rights by Helen Sedwick and Orna Ross also offers guidance.

None of our services constitute legal advice and if in doubt, authors are recommended to get legal counsel on their own individual cases.

An open letter to all ALLi members from Giacomo ‘Jim’ Giammatteo, on behalf of the ALLi Watchdog Desk.

Giacomo 'Jim' Giammatteo

To all ALLi members and friends:

Our goal at the Alliance is to not only promote ethics and excellence among authors but to help ensure that writers can produce the best possible product, without being exploited or misled, and without being charged inflated prices or offered under-performing services.

At ALLi’s Watchdog desk, we spend a lot of time analyzing companies who provide services to authors. Anything ALLi members and friends can do to help with this time-consuming task would be greatly appreciated.

By help, we mean letting us know if you’ve had a bad experience with a company, and providing us with details. We also want to hear good feedback, as it is just as important to alert members to the companies that are doing it right. Many of these better services join our alliance as Partner Members.

One of the biggest problems in this new era of publishing is misinformation. And the problem is huge. Some of the biggest and most popular self-publishing sites are rife with misinformation and one-sided opinions stated as fact.

At ALLi, we strive to give the facts. If a watchdog offers an opinion, we will state so beforehand, by saying something like: “In my opinion,” or “In my experience.”
Your feedback informs our work, our Directory of Services, and our book Choosing A Self-Publishing Service, where we rate the services we feel are doing an exceptionally good or poor job for authors — and tell you how to choose a good service for yourself.

Let’s work together on weeding out those companies that take advantage of self-publishers, while bringing to light the companies who focus on helping us improve the professionalism in our industry.

Our thanks in advance for your help.

Send as much information as possible through the contact form below

With thanks
Jim Giammatteo.
On behalf of the ALLi Watchdog Team

Again: All details on this form and all communication will be treated as highly confidential, if you so wish. No actions will ever be taken by ALLi without your express permission.